Top Singer Deborah Fraser, Praises TB Joshua for Miracle Healing

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A top South African Gospel singer, Deborah Fraser has credited Nigerian preacher TB Joshua for her miraculous healing while on her deathbed.

In the March 2013 release of DRUM South Africa, Queen of Gospel Deborah Fraser discusses her near death experience and her recent visit to The SCOAN in Nigeria to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Magazine cover credits TB Joshua for ‘healing’

THE queen of SA gospel has a new lease on life and she couldn’t be happier. She has lost a bit of weight and has cut off her dreadlocks. She looks younger and very chic. Deborah Fraser greets us with her trademark smile and warm hugs. “It s been a long while since I’ve spoken to DRUM and I’ve got so much to tell you”, she says, smiling happily.

Deborah, who suffers from diabetes, the disease that killed her mom Catherine in 2009, is just happy and grateful to be alive after spending two weeks in hospital in January. “You know, you got me at the right time, I look so much better now. I was really sick I thought I was going to die.” She explains that if it wasn’t for the actions of her childhood friend, Lungile Cele, she probably wouldn’t be here today.

“At the beginning of the year I really wasn’t well but I ignored the symptoms. I kept hoping I’d get better without medication. But my whole body was sore, I couldn t breathe properly and I really thought this was the end. Lungi organised for me to go to hospital. The first thing the medical staff did was give me oxygen as I needed it badly! Then they checked my sugar levels and discovered they were dangerously high.

“I was so close to death that the doctors had told my friends that I could have died if they had brought me in just two hours later. I didn’t say anything, I just thanked God.”

Deborah who was admitted to South Rand hospital has nothing but praise for the care she received in the government facility.

“I’ve told myself that I wasn’t born with diabetes and I’m not going to let it kill me.” she says firmly. Her illness also revived Deborah’s faith. My relationship with God was in a bad way, but I’ve been talking to Him a lot more. I started thinking about all the wonderful things He’s done for me. I knew He’d see me through. Having diabetes has actually made me stronger.”

The singer also recently travelled to Nigeria to meet Pastor TB Joshua. Although initially skeptical of his abilities, Deborah is now a firm believer. “I stayed at The Synagogue in Lagos and they treated me like a queen. I’ll never forget what I saw there! I really did see people get healed in front me. I never thought I’d fall down when the pastor prayed for me but I did. He called me to him three times and each time I fell. After seeing him I felt such an amazing change in my body! I also love the way he preaches, it’s as if he’s telling a story. It also impressed me that he drives the ordinary church cars and lives at the church, not in a big fancy mansion somewhere else. I believe that he’s one of God s special people and I plan to return later this year.”

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